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Cup holders are a must have for ant skiff !!!

Well made !

Worth every penny !!!


Added May 7, 2015

Guys, thank you for a fantastic product! I have mounted the "flush mount" anchor pole system with the optional holder to my hull. It took a whopping 30 minutes to install, including tool pick up. I had my anchor pole modified with the "hawk foot" which does great where I fish. Took the boat out yesterday and I couldn't believe how that pole held the boat in place. It was so simple and easy. My daughter loved it... she is my "anchor mate"... took her all but 3 seconds to insert the pole and lock down the boat. I am so glad I bought the mount with the "pole holder". It just makes it super convenient to have the pole right there to deploy for the short hops in the shallows. Fishing will never be the same.


Added May 24, 2014

I have to give kudos to Chris on coming threw with an item that i had a problem with SKINNY WATER PRODUCTS do stand behind their items and thanks again for your help.

Fishing 4 life


Added Nov 19, 2013

I installed my bracket yesterday (took me about 20 mins) and hit the water with my son. I have a 20′ Viper Cobra bass boat, which probably has one of the longest front decks of any bass boat out there, so the anchor pole fit perfectly in either of my rod lockers. Now for the best part … I was in a bay with a breeze wanting to push me into some slop that I wanted to fish with my frog. When I pushed the pole thru the bracket and into the muck, I honestly … no … really, I honestly didn’t expect the boat to literally “stick like glue” in that same spot, the whole time I fished it. I also tried it on a harder bottom with the same results. The spike may not penetrate as much as it does on a soft bottom, but because the pole “floats” thru the bracket tube, it stays in contact, and sticks to the bottom, even with wind and waves. Another feature that’s worth mention is the time to deploy, it only takes 2-3 seconds! There are other, similar “manual anchors” available, but after having watched some of the videos online, they seem to be flimsy in comparison. I think the fluted, larger diameter aluminum pole is the key. You’re also much more affordable than any I have seen. After using the SkinnyWater anchor just one time, I can’t see why ANYONE would need to buy an automated shallow water anchor at 10 times the price! It just doesn’t make sense. One very satisfied customer!


Added Feb 27, 2013